Primavera P6 Team Member Introduction


The P6 Team Member suite of interfaces is designed for individual contributors, or team members, to record status on their activities without the need to learn an enterprise project management application. The P6 Team Member interfaces are as follows:

  1. P6 Team Member Web
  2. P6 Team Member for iOS
  3. P6 Team Member for Android apps, , and
  4. E-mail Statusing Service.

These interfaces allow you to quickly access and update your activities using the platform or device that suits your needs.

Before a Team Member can update their activities, the project needs to be ‘setup’ to accept updates. Update approval can be dealt with in two ways:

  • Apply immediately or
  • Require Approval

The update approval can be set at the Project and/or WBS level.

Team Members can update in three different ways:

  • Resource Assignment
  • Activity Owner (can be linked to Primary Resource) or
  • Both

Note: Resource Assignments are the crews or person assigned to the Activity. Resource Assignments pull from the Resource Dictionary. The Owner field can be tied to the Primary Resource on the Activity. An Owner pulls from P6 Users.

Work distribution filters can be used for statusing Team Member. For example, if an Activity Code is currently used, you can have individuals update based upon such filter.

Note: The Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) needs to be set up for Team Members if work distribution filters are used.

Offline capability exists for the iPad. This allows field personnel to update without having an Internet connection.

As a Team Member, you can use P6 Team Member to view and provide status updates on your assigned activities. The Project Manager determines what status fields you can view and edit. These fields may include:

  • Start or Finish Date
  • Time Spent
  • Time Left
  • % Complete
  • Remaining Duration


Interface 1: Team Member Web

A unique URL exists for the business users to log into Team Member. The Team Member Web interface is very easy to use to update one project or multiple project activities at once. The ability exits to updates Steps, Activity Code/UDF and documents. Users can view Notebook Topics, Relationships to corresponding Activities, and Documents.

The project preferences can be stored as part of the project template.


Team Member Interface

Team Member Interface


Interface 2: Team Member iOS App


P6 Team Member for your iPhone or iPad is a great complimentary module to Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) for team members. Individual contributors can easily view and update their assigned activities. The simple interface allows for quick status updates so a project schedule remains accurate.  The preferences should be set up for each project, and can be stored as part of the project template.


  • Built in Filters to customize your Activity list
  • View Activity details, overall progress, associated Project/WBS
  • Start/Finish, Time Spend, Time Left
  • Post Comments via Discussion
  • Communicate with team via email or attaching a photo
  • View and Update activity codes/UDFs
  • View and Update Steps

Download the iOS app at the iTunes store.




Designed for iOS 7, this interface provides a streamlined view of your Activities for iPad. One of the most useful features for the iPad is the ability to work offline. Team Members can take Activities with them and update in the field even when no Internet connection is available.

Upon Internet connection, activities can be updated.





Interface 3: Team Member Android App

Team Member for the Android operating system exists. The latest operating version is Kit Kat. Users should log into Google play to download the latest Oracle P6 Team Member app.






Interface 4: Team Member Email

Email is another capability of the Team Member Interface. Each P6 user would have a valid email address or a corresponding resource would have an associated Email. Project Engineers / Project Managers can ‘push’ Emails to field member to get status updates as frequently as desired. Team Members can ‘pull’ activities and directly update the activity list and send updates.



Project Preferences

Projects can be set up to capture updates from Team Member Interfaces via Project Preferences. The Project Preference is only available in P6 Web. The individual or group responsible for setting up such Preferences needs to login into P6, Click Projects and Select the appropriate Project.   You can right-click and Select ‘Project Preferences’ or go the toolbar and Select ‘Actions, Set Project Preferences’.   Select Team Member Interfaces to set your preferences for Updates and Approval.

Project Controls

P6 Owner Existing Client Time Entry Fields Resource Assignments
Actual Start [1] Actual Start Actual Start
Actual Finish [2] Actual Finish Actual Finish
Activity % Complete
Actual Labor Units Actual Units
Actual Non Labor Units
Expected Finish Expected Finish Date
Remaining Duration Remaining Duration
Remaining Labor Units Manhours left Remaining Units
Remaining Non Labor Units
Comments via Notebooks

                  Note: Only 3 other fields can be selected (not including Start and Finish).

Approval Process

The Approval Process can be set for one individual for the entire project or an approval can be set for work packages (Work Breakdown Structure). The Status Review Tab at the Project Preference level is only for the overall Project. Users would have to open the Project and assign a different reviewer at the WBS Level if desired.


Review Status Updates

The Status Updates can be reviewed per project or by multiple project(s).   This allows the approving manager flexibility in reviewing activities.


Review Status

Review Status


Update History Tab

The Update History Tab enforces traceability of activity updates. Information that is updated is captured at the Activity Assignment (Resource Assignment) and Activity (Owner) Level. The Update History Tab is only available in P6 Web and does not ‘carry over’ to P6 Professional.


Update History Tab

Update History Tab


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[1] Actual Start and Actual Finish are always editable in Team Member

[2] Ibid

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